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Associate Prof. Dr. Haji Azmi Abdul Latiff

Centre for Language Studies

A message from the Dean

Welcome to the Centre for Language Studies, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia where language ignites the human mind. We offer exciting language courses such as English, Japanese, Mandarin, French, German and Bahasa Melayu from the Department of English Language & Linguistics, Department of International Languages and Department of Malay Language & Translation, to undergraduate students. We continually take proactive actions to ensure that our courses meet and exceed our stakeholders’ expectations; essentially fulfilling our students’ needs, parents’ expectations and industry requirements. As such, our teaching approach incorporates technology and mobile-assisted learning, problem and task-based learning, and multiple learning and teaching approaches to keep abreast with Industrial Revolution 4.0.

We offer postgraduate programmes at doctorate and master level by full research, concentrating on several niche areas: English Language and Communication, Technical Communication, Teaching English for Science and Technology, English and Creative Thinking Skills and English for Workplace Communication. Currently, we have students from around the world and we facilitate their academic and research progress through quality supervision and relevant courses, seminars and workshops.     

We strongly believe that research is an integral part of informing and improving learning and teaching. We have ten focus groups which propels the research at our centre. The focus groups are Problem-based Learning, English for Specific Purposes, Language and Culture, Language Teaching and Learning, Translation, Motivation and Communication, Workplace Communication, Social Media and Mobile Learning, Creativity and Learning and Language Pragmatics. Our academic staff are actively engaged in a wide range of research and dissemination of findings through academic presentations and publications, as well as sharing of best practices with the community within and outside the university.

We participate in community service with schools, education offices and institutions, as well as other organizations in our immediate and extended communities. Annually, we conduct programmes such as the Books for Community (BfC) and Total English Language Immersion Camp (TELIC) with schools and through collaborations with departments at the university and community we continually support related programmes such as debates, language competitions and carnivals. We also have our Writing Unit which on one hand caters to paid translation and proof-reading demands and on the other hand provides free writing clinic, open to the university students requiring help with English language assignments and improving writing proficiency.    

We endeavor to be the multi-language reference centre contributing to language sustainability and human development. We embody this through the academic courses we offer, research we conduct and community services we engage in. We invite you to drop by at our centre to experience all that the Centre for Language Studies has to offer.