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Preparatory English Course

Course Synopsis

February and September

PEC is primarily designed for international students who are planning to study in an undergraduate/postgraduate degree programme at the university and need to meet the English language requirement of their conditional offer.

The programme aims to develop the English language proficiency of students with specific focus on ensuring academic survival at the university. Its syllabus emphasises on enhancing students' four language skills which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking as well as Grammar and Vocabulary skills, through outcome-based, student-centred approaches and the integration of classroom and online instruction, lectures and tutorials.

The programme has two intakes each year, i.e. in February and September. By the end of the programme, participants should at least achieve the band required by the university.

Programme Fees

The cost for the 4-month programme is USD 2500.00 (RM 8, 800.00)*. Payment must be made upon enrolment to the programme. If you are a sponsored student, a valid sponsorship letter must be submitted. Upon cancellation of enrolment, only a certain percentage of the fees will be refunded.

* Accomodation not included


At the end of every level, there will be a test to gauge the students' language proficiency. The UTHM English Proficiency Test consists of assessments on reading, writing, speaking and listening. If a student achieves the required English language proficiency level as required by the university, they may exit the programme.

If after a period of 4 months, a student does not achieve the English language proficiency requirement of the university, remedial measures will be taken. If the requirement is still not met, probable cancellation of the conditional offer will be made or the student will be required to take the course again.


Interested candidates can contact our officer via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +607-4537950.