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Our History


About two decades ago in 1993, when the University was still known as Polytechnic Staff Training Centre (PLSP), the task of language teaching was entrusted upon the Language Unit, the Department of Science and Education. Three years later, the Language Unit was placed under the Department of Education and Humanities. At that time, PLSP was upgraded to a higher learning institution known as Institut Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (ITTHO).


ITTHO was then awarded a university-college status on September 2000 and began to be known as Kolej Universiti Tun Hussein Onn (KUiTTHO). The Language Unit too, underwent a transformation and began to be known as the Department of Modern Languages beginning 30 September 2000. The new department was part of the Centre for Humanities and Communication Studies (PPKK).

KUiTTHO reached another milestone when it obtained a full university status in 2007. Two years later, on 1 August 2009, the Faculty of Science, Arts and Heritage (FSSW) was officially established with the merger of the Centre for Science Studies and Centre for Humanities Studies and Communication. The faculty was divided into two departments, namely the Department of Science and Mathematics and the Department of Humanities. The English language, Foreign languages, Social Sciences and Islamic Studies units made up the Department of Humanities. With the rebranding of the faculty’s name from FSSW to the Faculty of Science, Technology and Human Development (FSTPi) on 1 February 2011, the Department of Humanities was split into the Department of Language & Communication and the Department of Islamic Studies and Social Science.

Beginning 4 February 2016, a new chapter begins when the Department of Language and Communication became a single entity, known as the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). CLS is led by a Dean and assisted by a Deputy Dean and three Heads of Department. It consists of three departments. They are the Department of English Language and Linguistics, Department of International Languages and Department of Malay Language and Translation.

CLS has been given the important mandate to contribute to the teaching and learning of languages at faculty, university and community levels. These include i) offering language courses (English language, International languages, Malay language, ii) language trainings, iii) language services and consultations, iv) contributions to language field and research through teaching (language, linguistics and communication), research, writing and seminar organisations at national and international levels. Besides these, several services are available under CLS Writing Unit. These services include proofreading, editing and translation. Currently, the centre offers 7 English language courses, 9 International language courses and 1 Malay language course. These courses are offered for Diploma and First degree undergraduates. CLS has 2 language labs and 2 multimedia labs that are equipped with sophisticated equipment. The centre also offers consultations to professionals and non-professionals at public and private sectors to improve their language and communication skills.

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