Total English Language Immersion Camp or TELIC is an academic-oriented community service programme that provides opportunities to school students to enhance their level of the English language as well as their soft skills such as communication, leadership and also critical thinking skills. Apart from that, this programme provides the platform for the students to use the knowledge of the English language that they have learnt and experience using English as the main medium of interaction.

We believe that the activities set up for TELIC can help increase the confidence level among the students to use English as their medium of interaction in their daily life. This programme is open to all school students at all levels.

For further details, please contact us through this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On 4th May 2017, DELL organised the second TELIC of 2017. The first TELIC was conducted at Seri Ladang, Rengit, Batu Pahat Johor which was a collaboration with JKKK Seri Ladang. The second TELIC was conducted at SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat.. As many as 70 form 4 and form 5 students participated in the event and 16 UTHM undergraduates volunteered as facilitators.The school students participated in 4 interesting activities such as It’s Me, Charades, Crazy Story and Showtime. Positive feedbacks were given by the students, teachers and parents for this programme.

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