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Department of English Language and Linguistics (DELL)


The Department of English Language and Linguistics (DELL) was established in 2016. The department strives to improve and enhance students’ English language abilities and facilitate communication among UTHM community. The staff understand the significant role of the English language as a tool for communicating with the world and are committed to improving the quality of English language education at UTHM.

Courses Offered

Currently, DELL offers four courses at degree level and three courses at diploma level.


UHB10100/UHB10200 English for Higher Education

UHB20102/20202 Essential Academic English

UHB30102/30202 English for Technical Purposes

UHB40102/40202 English for Occupational Purposes


UHB10302 English for Academic Survival

UHB20302 English Academic Communication

UHB30502 English for Workplace