Focus Group

Several Focus Groups have been established in order to catalyse research and publication activities among the CLS academic staff. Each group focuses on  a specific area in the language anf linguistics field and is led by an experienced academician who is actively carrying out research and publication in the area of language and linguistics.

No. Research and Publication Area Group Leader
1. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Berhannudin bin Mohd Salleh
2. English for Specific Purpose (ESP)  Dr. Elizabeth Anthony
3. Language and Culture
4. Language Teaching and Learning Dr. Mimi Nahariah Azwani binti Mohamed
5. Translation
6. Motivation and Communication Dr. Zulida binti Abdul Kadir
7. Workplace Communication Dr. Sazuliana binti Sanif
8. Social Media and Mobile Learning Dr. Zailin Shah binti Yusof
9. Creativity and Learning Mr. Salleh bin Talib
10. Language Pragmatics