Grow and Share Together (GST) is an in-house training activity for professional development among the academic and non-academic staff at CLS. During a GST session, CLS staff are given the platform to share their experience in teaching, presenting paper at conference or sharing their research discoveries.

Date Presenter Title of Presentation
16 February  Miss Dwee Chiew Yen Fun with Padlet
16 March  Dr. Siti Noor Fazelah Mohd Noor Language of Evaluation in Discourse
27 April  Madam Iza Nurhidayah Ismail Penyuntingan Tesis di Malaysia: Apa Masalahnya?
25 May  Madam Elezabeth Thomas
15 June  Madam Affah Mohd Apandi ESL Students' Learning Enhancement Through Social Constructivist Mobile Learning Activities
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