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Language Labs

There are four language labs that are actively used by language educators of the Centre for Language Studies UTHM for the teaching and learning of languages. Each lab is supervised and managed by an Assistant Engineer. The labs are:

No. Lab Location Assistant Engineer
1. Language Lab 1 (Block C2-023) Mr. Mohd Saifulkamal bin Zainory
2. Multimedia Lab 1 (Block C13) Mr. Mohd Yusof bin Mohd Nor
3. Language Lab 2 (Block B1-116) Madam Eriyati binti Juhari
4. Multimedia Lab 2 (Block G3E) Mr. Mohd Marhafidz bin Mohd Marjori

All the labs are equipped with computers with Internet access, LCD projectors and screens to facilitate information seeking and teaching and learning process for the language staff and students.